Be The One To Set Example For Others!

Borith LONG, Cambodia

How many days left do I have here? It is always the first question I ask myself when I wake up every morning. The more I count the sadder I become because every routine I have made here becomes part of my life now. I can’t imagine myself going back home and not seeing the people I met here again. This morning I also had the same question but there was a strange sensation beating on my chest as soon as I realized that I only have a few days left here in Missoula. I talked to myself that I would appreciate these last precious moments and looked forwards to having the last two sessions with Dr. Nicky.

We started the day by having the global climate change simulation which 21 fellows were divided into 6 blocs based on their CO2 emission around the world including developed countries, developing countries, China, India, the US, and the EU. Four co-fellows and I were assigned to represent the developing countries bloc to negotiate the terms and conditions on the global agreement to deal with the climate change issue. During the simulation, many contentious issues arose among the delegates on various areas such as the commitment of the developed countries to finance the CO2 emission reduction program, the commitment of the developing countries to reduce CO2 emission. We spent a lot of time to negotiate and discuss and eventually still did not make it to our target. Being global leaders always faces great dilemmas.

At the end of the simulation, we had a discussion on what we learned from the UN mock. Some of our co-fellows raised a lot of good points on how the simulation contributed to our learning experience. One of which I found it most interesting was when one started to talk what he could contribute to deal with issue instead of pointing fingers to each other. And that inspired other people to follow the trend. In addition, there was another insight that got me thinking of the definition of good standard of living and good quality of life.
Like Dr. Nicky said, "Do we need to consume more resources to be happy?".

Peter gives the introduction and instruction on the global climate change simulation to the co-fellows.

The representatives from different regions around the world discussing the terms and condition on global climate change agreement.

We had another afternoon session with Dr. Nicky focusing on the effective presentation practice. One group volunteered to present their project during the session and received a lot of good and constructive comments from the co-fellows. I found it very interesting when the co-fellows contributed a lot of inputs to help the group improve their performance. The habit of giving good comments and constructive criticism is something I want to take back home and spread it to other people in my community.

Finally, we concluded the day by having Ms. Amy Cilimburg and Mr. Bryan von Lossberg as our panelists to discuss about the community’s effort on solar energy initiatives. After the discussion, they took to us one of the houses that has solar energy installation and told us how their initiative works and functions at the community level. My co-fellows had great interests in their initiative and expressed them through asking lots of great questions. On top of that, I also learned a lot of lessons from their Q&As and one of which is having visual monitor on your mobile that indicates your energy consumption can influence your energy consumption behaviour.

The house that has a solar installation supported by Solarize Missoula.

It was indeed a productive day because I learned so many things in just one day. Can you imagine how much you will learn if you have such productive day for the whole five weeks here?


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